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Water, Water, Everywhere: Tips To Deal With Foundation Leaks That Flood Your Home

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The waterproofing in your basement is meant to protect your home from flooding, but when it fails, you are going to have a watery mess to clean up. The water problems can be worse during weather that brings a lot of rain. To deal with the problem, you will want to do things like use a submersible pump and ventilate your basement as much as possible. Here are some tips to help you deal with leaks in your basement while you are waiting to get repairs done:

1. Use A Submersible Pump to Get Water Out of Areas

Submersible pumps are used in many different types of systems in your home. If you have a sump pump in your basement, this is a type of submersible pump. You can also use a submersible pump when you have a problem with water getting into your basement. Place the pump in the area where most of the water is getting into your home to constantly pump the water out. When using a pump or other mechanical device, make sure that you use surge protectors on cords and keep the plugs away from moisture.

2. Ventilating Your Home to Keep Moisture and Humidity Down

To avoid problems with water in your basement, it is essential to keep moisture and humidity down. Reduce moisture in your home by keeping it well-ventilated. Use fans in windows to circulate air in the areas where water is getting in. Try to do this during the driest days, whenever possible. Make sure you are not causing more moisture to get into your home when you are ventilating. You may also want to keep the basement area of your home closed off from other living space.

3. Use Plastic Tarps Outside to Reduce Groundwater That Causes Foundation Leaks

The problem with foundation waterproofing that causes basement flooding is groundwater. As the water filters through the soil, it causes static water pressure. To prevent the pressure on the foundation of your home, use plastic tarps outside to cover the areas around your foundation. Construction grade plastic comes in rolls and can be used for this. Try to keep the tarps where they let water drain away and avoid letting water drain against the foundation of your home.

These are some tips to help you deal with basement flooding, when the repairs cannot be done yet. Contact a remodeling service such as Property Service Agency LLC to help with improvements to prevent basement flooding and with repairs and refinishing your basement living space.