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Custom Shutters On A Budget: What To Look For

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Whether you want to get exterior shutters to give your home more texture or you want shutters inside to make your living area pop, getting custom designs can help you match your personality with your home's style more successfully and give your space its own unique appeal. If you are on a budget you can still achieve the window shutter designs you'd like. Here are things to look for when buying window shutters when you don't have a lot of money to spend.

Wooden alternatives

Wood shutters can be expensive, and the harder the wood, the larger the price tag. Cedar, chestnut, oak, and maple are all hard woods. Pine and bamboo by comparison are much cheaper alternatives if you want real wooden shutters. If you have a budget that does not allow for true wood designs, then you can explore vinyl alternatives. Vinyl is popular due to its versatility and cheaper costs and can come in wooden styles that even have grains and coloring to resemble real wood.

Custom shapes

Standard window shutters are rectangular in design with horizontal vents placed in them. If you want rounded or oval shutters you can have them created for you. If budget is an issue consider choosing shape over custom color, or ordering your shutters in bulk so you can get a discount on your purchase. Some places even have custom shutters leftover from previous homeowner projects that they can sell you for a cheaper rate than ordering a design of your own.


You can either have wooden shutters custom painted to match your home or you can buy vinyl versions that come in a variety of hues. Your cheaper option is often vinyl since they don't need to be painted and simply have to be ordered in to get the custom design you want. If you are ordering a certain color of window shutters you will want to make sure you give yourself time for them to be shipped to you. Shipping is often cheaper if you have your order sent to the store you are buying them from rather than your home.

If you are unsure what custom designs you want on your window shutters, visit your local home improvement or window supply store so you can be shown available options. You may be able to get free color upgrades on your order if you reach a certain purchase amount to help you further save money on your project. For more information, contact a business such as Carefree Coverings.