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Things To Know About Residential Vinyl Lettering

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Vinyl lettering can be a convenient way of ensuring that the address for your home is clearly visible. Without this lettering, you may find that it is difficult to ensure that your packages or other deliveries reach you. When using vinyl lettering, you should be prepared to follow several guidelines to avoid these letters coming loose:

Thoroughly Clean The Surface Before Applying The Vinyl Lettering

One of the most important things that you can do when applying these letters is to verify that the surface is as clean as possible. When dirt particles gather on the surface, they will interfere with the adhesive for this lettering. As a result, the lettering may not securely attach to the surface. During this cleaning process, you will want to avoid the use of soap as it can leave a film that interferes with the adhesives, but if it is absolutely necessary to get the surface clean, you should thoroughly rinse it to remove any residue that may remain.

Use Tape To Keep The Lettering Even

It can be surprisingly difficult to put the lettering on evenly. Often, individuals will find that they have installed this lettering in a way that tilts it one way or another. This can make the lettering very difficult to read. However, you may be able to reduce this challenge by using tape to help keep the lettering in a straight line. To further enhance the accuracy of this tape, you can use a ruler when putting it in place so keep it as straight as possible.

Be Mindful When Cleaning The Lettering

The lettering that is on the exterior of your home will be subjected to intense conditions and exposure to large amounts of pollen and dust. These factors can lead to these letters becoming extremely dirty. During the cleaning process, you should be careful to avoid using ammonia or bleach based cleaners as these can degrade both the vinyl and the adhesive for these letters. Furthermore, you will need to use a very gentle motion when cleaning these letters as they can be removed from the house fairly easily.

Investing in vinyl lettering can be one of the more effective and affordable ways of ensuring other people will know the address for your property. After you have developed an appreciation for the need to clean the surfaces before applying the lettering, following the appropriate steps when cleaning the lettering and using tape and a rule to keep the lettering straight during its installation should reduce the difficulty of this basic property upgrade.

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