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What Is The Difference Between A Park Model And A Traditional RV?

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You may have been considering buying a trailer or recreational vehicle for summer use at camp or for traveling around the country. You may have heard of a park model RV and wondered if maybe that was a better choice as they seem to have more of the comforts of home than traditional RVs tend to. What is the difference between a park model RV and a traditional RV? There are a few to think about.

Park Model RVs are Less Mobile

If you prefer to pack up your camper and head around the country or perhaps you only camp a few weeks during the summer and pack it in, than a traditional RV will most likely be more your style. Park model RVs are less mobile than their traditional counterparts even though they do sit on a trailer and can be moved. Park models are designed for longer-term stays in parks and even for snowbirds heading to the southern states for the winter.

They are set up more like small homes or tiny homes with similar amenities that you will find in a tiny home. They tend to be more spacious than a traditional RV with more of the comforts of home.

Amenities and Size

Park model RVs are definitely larger than traditional RV units and some can be around the size of a small apartment or tiny house. It can have features like full-sized showers and bathtubs, full-sized living rooms, and kitchens with microwaves, full-sized ovens and fridges. They tend to have a larger bedroom space and perhaps multiple bedrooms depending on the model you choose but it will usually be able to sleep more people than a traditional RV.

They can be winterized and placed in colder climates for camping or semi-permanent living, although they aren't meant to be lived in on a regular basis. It's possible to rent a park model or outright buy it depending on how often you will use it.

You Can Build Onto Them

While it's fairly easy to build a deck or porch onto a traditional RV, a park model RV's design makes it easier to build onto them. For example, you can add an additional sunroom to the model, or a storage shed can be added. If you want a covered porch, you can build one onto a park model RV as well. Bear in mind that in some states, anything over the traditional size of a park model may take away from its status as a vehicle and will then be subjected to residential taxes.

Park models can have pitched roofs, garages and have similar types of windows and doors seen in regular houses. These make the RV appear more like a standard small house rather than a recreational vehicle. They tend to have a bright, open-concept design that lets in a lot of light with large windows and patio doors. To learn more, visit a website like,