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4 Ways To Use Daily Floral Delivery In Your Hospital

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When it comes to caring for patients, it's sometimes the small touches that make a difference. One option you can use to make the patient experience better is by having fresh flowers delivered every day. If you haven't considered this idea before, here are a few ways to put floral delivery to work in your hospital.

1. New Mom Deliveries

Hospitals are always looking for ways to set their labor and delivery services apart from the rest. Having fresh flowers delivered to every new mom on the labor and delivery floor can be a great way to show your appreciation to patients while also welcoming little ones into the world. Work with your flower delivery service to have special bouquets created for the new moms. As word spreads about this service, your patients may even look forward to getting their flower delivery.

2. Cafeteria Decor

Hospital cafeterias are the places where families gather to talk about important medical topics, and they can also be where tired loved ones go to take a break when providing emotional support for patients. Adding a few fresh flowers, such as daisies or lilies, to each table can help brighten the atmosphere and even bring a little bit of cheer to the room. Have your cafeteria staff put out clean vases with just a bit of water every morning, and ask the floral delivery service to add the flowers to each vase.

3. Patient Deliveries

For some patients, a stay at the hospital can be a lonely affair. Some older patients may not have any friends or family who can come visit, and some patients may not have anyone to talk to at all. Work with your nursing staff to identify lonely patients who might need a pick-me-up, and have bouquets with cards delivered for each room. You can have hospital volunteers hand-write each card so that these patients feel a bit of extra love and support.

4. Warm Reception Areas

Another way to use daily floral delivery is to bring a warm, welcoming look to reception areas throughout the hospital. Have these flowers delivered every morning, and choose large bouquets that can make a big impression. The flowers can be placed near visitor sign-in sheets or placed on tables in the waiting areas. Choose flowers that have positive meanings behind them as a way to keep everyone's spirits up.

Of course, with daily flower delivery, you'll have flowers that need to be dealt with at the end of each day. For flowers placed in public spaces, such as the cafeteria and reception areas, consider having volunteers hand out the flowers to visitors the next day. A bouquet for people waiting in the surgical waiting room or ER can go a long way toward giving people a bit of extra hope.

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