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How To Design An Eclectic Kitchen

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Have you had a hard time deciding what kind of a kitchen you want? Perhaps you love decor that has parts of an elegant look, a country look, an old-fashioned look, and maybe a Mexican feeling to it. If that pretty much sums up the thoughts you've had when it comes to decorating your kitchen, you more than likely would love an eclectic feeling in that room that is probably the gathering place for your friends and family member. From selecting quartz countertops to choosing things like brass hardware and copper cookware, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a kitchen that is both unique and very usable.

Quartz Countertops

Have you ever had quartz countertops before? If not, you are in for a real pleasure if you select them. Think of choosing the new quartz countertops that include chestnuts, auburns, and coppers in the design. They will more than likely remind you of fine art because they are so beautiful. However, the beauty they present isn't the only reason for choosing quartz countertops from a company like Broadway Kitchens & Bath. They are so durable that they will probably be in your home long after you have moved out of it. Don't worry about putting hot items, say a pan right from the oven or a pot right off the stove, on them. Quartz countertops will take the heat with no problem at all. While quartz countertops may be more expensive than some other choices, that purchase might be the best investment you make for your kitchen. 

Eclectic Accents

If you have selected quartz countertops that have have auburns, chestnuts, and copper as the colors, think of choosing things like copper pots and pans that can also be used as serving pieces. Even if the real copper cookware is too expensive for your budget, think of buying imitation pieces. Consider choosing colorful pottery hardware for your kitchen cabinets, maybe hardware from places like Mexico, Italy, or other foreign countries.

Do you already have your kitchen furniture? If not, then consider choosing shabby chic pieces, even if they don't match each other. After all, you're establishing an eclectic mood, which means pretty much anything goes. Display items that you have collected over the years or items that you have inherited from family members. For example, perhaps you inherited your grandmother's old cookbooks. If so, display them in a earthen pitcher along with distinctive wooden spoons that you'll actually use as you cook and bake.