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Five Tips For Choosing New Bathroom Tile

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Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best things you can do to improve the resell value of your home. In fact, a good bathroom remodel can return up to 64 percent of the money you spend when it comes time to sell your home. One of the most important elements of any new bathroom is choosing the tile. Leaving dated tile in place can quickly turn a spectacular remodeled bathroom into a ho-hum bathroom.

If you've been out shopping for tile, you know that there are a myriad of choices on the market. To make sure that you get the tile that will work best for your family and your budget, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Keep size in mind. The size of bathroom tile can vary considerably, from one inch square to a foot or more squared. Large tile is better suited for small bathrooms, since it has fewer grout lines and will help make your floor or walls look like one continuous surface. Smaller tiles, while stylish, also require more vigorous cleaning.

2. Consider texture. Smooth tile floors can be slippery, especially in the shower. For those surfaces, consider using coordinating tile with a slight pebbled pattern other other raised texture.

3. Grout is not a given. You'll want to also spend a few minutes choosing your grout, the "mortar" that holds the tiles in place and fills in the gaps between the tiles. You'll have a choice of color and consistency.

4. Limit yourself to no more than three different tiles. While it can be difficult to choose the type of tile you want, having too many different tiles in the same room can make your bathroom look busy and unattractive. This is especially true with smaller bathrooms. Better to stick with no more than three, coordinating tile designs.

5. Plan for your shower tile to reach the ceiling. Tiling the entire space on your shower walls not only makes the shower easier to clean, but also gives the shower a sleeker more continuous look. It also helps to make your ceiling look taller.

Bathroom tile, an essential part of the remodeling process, can be expensive, but you can make sure that you choose the tile that will work best for you by limiting yourself to just three different tile designs, keeping size and texture in mind and not forgetting to pick a coordinating grout color.  

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