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The Best Ways To Mask Or Remove Pet Odors

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When your dog defecates on the ground, quick action is necessary to reduce the risk of an odor setting in. However, if you fail to clean up the mess fast enough, you may find yourself with a pet odor that you'll struggle to get rid of. The two main strategies for dealing with a pet odor is to mask or remove it.


Vacuuming your entire home regularly will remove many of the materials that are responsible for your home developing pet odors. Even if you already have an area that smells really bad, a vacuum can prevent it from worsening. Steam cleaning can often be more effective at cleaning a home with pets over a conventional vacuum, but don't use a steam cleaner too often.

Open Windows

Opening up the windows can help remove much of odors found in your home. The opened window will create a breeze that will blow some of the odors out of your home. If the weather is cold, open one window at a time and only leave it open for a few minutes.

Air Fresheners

Many products can be used to mask odors. Air fresheners can change the odor of a room. If you feel like the air fresheners are not strong enough, consider using a commercial air freshener. There are many options to choose from and citrus is often very effective.

Scented Candles

Lighting scenting candles can mask pet odors. There are even candles designed specifically for masking pet odors that use scents such as lavender and chamomile. The great thing about candles is that they can simply be lit and allowed to fill your home with a lovely scent. 

Air Purifiers

If you plan on using an air purifier, make sure to purchase a very good one that uses activated carbon. A lot of air purifiers fail to purify the air as promised. Make sure that the filter is designed to remove pet dander. Place the air purifier in the stinkiest part of your home. 

Pet Odor Removal Services

Removing a pet odor is the best option. Otherwise, you'll still smell the odor to some extent and you'll definitely smell it when the pet odor masking methods dissipate. If none of the methods you've attempted work, consider hiring a pet odor removal service. Odor removal specialists will usually have developed a system that has shown itself to reliably remove pet odors. Contact a business like Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC for more information.