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How Floating Shelves Can Be Used to Make Your Space Look Great

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Floating shelves are a versatile decorative option when it comes to almost any space. When you use hidden shelf brackets to put up bookshelves, decorate your bathroom, or create a unique corner for framed photos, floating shelves make decorating easy. You can use floating shelves to store media such as DVDs, when you need somewhere to store your vast library collection, or if you need a space to put towels in a small bathroom. Where you install the shelves, what they are made of and how large they are will all impact the overall look in your home. Choose from glass, wood, or particle board shelving and you'll have the look you are going for.

Over the Television

If you have DVDs or video games piled up on the floor because you don't have any more room, try a floating shelf that goes along the length of your television. You'll free up space from your floor and you will have a nice floating shelf to place all of your media on that is within easy reach. 

Near the Kitchen Sink

When you don't have a lot of storage space in your kitchen, it's time to get creative. A floating shelf on the wall above your sink can give you the perfect place to put soap, sponges, and a holder for your rings when you do dishes.

To Hold a Small Light

If you need space to put a small light in a child's bedroom, consider a shelf instead. With floor space at a premium, shelving can hold books, lighting, and more. When your children have bunk beds, a well-placed shelf can be a great addition for your child that is up on the top bunk. They will have somewhere to put their belongings and be able to have a small reading light.

To Create a Design

Shelving doesn't always have to hold items that need to be stored. Shelving can be used to create artwork for your wall. You can create a design with the shelving and place items on the shelves that give your home a finished look. When you have an open space that hasn't been decorated, hidden shelf brackets can give you options.

Floating shelves can provide you with storage space and options to create a unique area. Whether you need more bookshelves, or you want to make a tight corner more useful, consider how shelves can impact your overall decor.