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3 Things To Consider When Making Plans To Install A Backyard Fence

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If you are looking for opportunities to improve your backyard, you may decide that installing a fence is one of the greatest ideas. While you may be committed to hiring a fencing company to put in the fence, you may want to consider a few other things when making this addition to your yard.

Irrigation System

When you have an existing irrigation system, you may need to make some adjustments to it before you install the fence. First off, you will benefit from turning off the system before fencing professionals show up because you want to make sure that they can work in dry conditions.

This is something that you will want to do when fencing professionals come over to inspect your backyard to figure out all the measurements, obstacles, and other considerations. You may also need to work on your irrigation system by adjusting the sprinklers to avoid hitting the fence. This is an important step because it will minimize the chance of your fence sustaining water damage.

New Features

When you put in a fence that surrounds your backyard, you may open up to adding new features that you would otherwise not be comfortable adding without any fencing. For instance, you may want to grow a garden in a dedicated area, but you may have always known that animals such as deer, groundhogs, and rabbits would become a constant problem due to invading your garden.

Even other features such as a fire pit that encourage your family and friends to get together and socialize may have been something you avoided. A backyard fence can provide ample privacy, which means you can make plans to add a fire pit, pool, or hot tub after getting it installed.


One of the complications that you may run into after installing a fence is weeds showing up in the surrounding area. This can make the fence look unattractive when there is enough growth and you have not been outside to clean up the debris and weeds. Fortunately, you can keep this kind of problem from developing when you make the commitment to add mulch to the area.

This is when you will have a lot of flexibility to decide what mulch you want to add. If you put in a vinyl fence, you may like adding wood chips to give the area a more natural appearance.

When you are making plans to install a backyard fence, you should also think about all the other things that you can do outside to improve the backyard for your household.