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Tips For Selecting The Best Granite For Your Countertops

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The process of selecting granite for your countertop material is quite different than when you're selecting other items for your kitchen remodeling project. You can't simply shop for this material online or out of a catalogue since you have to see it in person to make your selection. That's because granite is unique based on where it was mined from, with no two slabs being identical. Here are some tips that will help you with selecting your granite countertops.

Be Prepared To Visit Granite Suppliers In Person

One mistake that people make when shopping for granite countertops is only going to a local home improvement store and seeing the samples. That small sample of material may be close to what material you could get, but it's not an exact match. In order to see what will potentially be installed in your home, you have to actually go to the granite suppliers and see what they have in person. 

In addition, the variety offered from one granite supplier is not going to be the same as another. You will likely visit multiple granite suppliers until you can find the slab of granite that will be used to make your kitchen countertops. 

Be Aware Of Defects

You may find a slab of granite that you want, but there is a defect in the slab that doesn't look so great. For example, maybe there is a line across the material that will not look good if it's in the middle of your countertops. This may be okay depending on how the granite needs to be cut for your countertops. It is always worth asking a fabricator about defects in material and if it can be worked around. You'll likely have more granite than you need in a slab of material, so every inch doesn't need to be used.

Be Aware Of Prices

The price range on granite countertops can vary, and it all depends on the look of the material. The more unique a slab of granite is, the more it will cost per square foot. Always take this into consideration when selecting a material and make sure that you work within your price range. You'll notice that granite with small grains tend to be cheaper, but slabs with long beautiful swirls will be more expensive. 

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