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Tips To Keep Your Rental Property Maintained

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Being the owner and landlord of rental property includes many responsibilities including that of ensuring your own interest in maintaining the property and its value as a rental asset. Here are some important tasks for you to handle as a landlord and rental property owner to keep your property investment maintained.

Hire Professional Inspection Services

An inspection of your property is a good way to find any mold and mildew growth within the interior of your rental house. Once a moisture leak has occurred or you or your renter has discovered mold growth within the property, it is a good idea to call in a professional to detect any further mold and mildew growth. The reason it is so essential to complete professional inspections with mold growth is that you can be liable for the health effects and dangers that can accompany a mold and mildew problem.

When you visually complete your own inspection for mold in a property, you cannot see behind walls, under floors, and inside insulated areas, as they are sealed off unless you cut into them. However, a professional mold inspection service will be able to test surfaces and check for mold spores within the air of the home. 

If your mold inspector discovers mold spores in the air they can complete a more thorough investigation behind sealed spaces and remedy them fully to remove the mold problem. Simply wiping down surfaces containing mold growth is not going to always remove the problem. Some surfaces need to be cut out, removed, and replaced to ensure no mold spores are left behind to regrow later.

Handle Landscaping

Another important task to keep on top of as a property owner landlord is the landscaping of the rental house. Many renters prefer not to handle the landscaping and choose not to be property owners because they don't have time to put into working around the yard mowing and weeding. As the owner you should consider including the landscaping service as part of the rent and arrange for it to be handled for them.

Whether you choose to do your own property landscaping or hire it out to a professional, make sure it gets handled on a regular basis. Your tenant's rent can include the landscaping maintenance and you will know the property's landscaping is taken care of. As a result, this will protect your property's value and prevent it from declining, especially as the exterior of the property's appearance affects its overall value.

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