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3 Choices You Need To Make When Selecting Kitchen Counters

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Kitchen countertops are one of the main elements in your kitchen design. They take up a lot of space, so they really need to be beautiful — not just functional. When selecting kitchen counters, there are three big decisions you will need to make.

1. The Material

First, you will want to choose what material you'd like your counters to be made from, as this will affect all of the other options. Granite is a very popular choice. It is a very hard, durable stone that will last a lifetime. Quartz is also quite popular. It's just about as durable as granite, but it's an engineered stone, which means you can find it in more colors and patterns.

On the less-costly end of things, you have laminate counters, which are usually made from wood or particleboard and covered in a plastic-like material. Laminate counters are not resistant to heat, but they're really affordable and can look great as long as you're careful with them.

2. Color and Pattern

Once you choose your material, you'll want to look at all of the different colors that the material is available in. There's more to this than just choosing the color that looks prettiest. If your cabinets and walls are light, you will likely want to choose darker counters as this creates a contrast. If your cabinets are darker, you will want lighter counters.

Pay attention to the streaks and veins of color that run through the counters, too. These are colors you can pull out in other decorative elements, like your curtains, area rugs, tablecloths, and tile. Granite or quartz with little bits of blue or green can look more interesting than flatter colors.

3. Edge Style

The last big step is to choose your edge style! The style that looks best will really depend on the overall style of your kitchen. For a more traditional kitchen, you will probably want one of these options:

  • Bullnose: The edge is rounded off into an even curve, creating a simple yet cozy look.
  • Ogee: The edge dips in before rounding off. This is a classic look with a bit more character.
  • Dupont: Bold but still traditional, the Dupont edge comes down at a 90-degree angle before transforming into a rounded edge.

In a more modern kitchen, these styles work well:

  • Straight: The counter is cut at a 90-degree angle for a really simple, minimalist look.
  • Chiseled: The counter is chiseled for a rough, unfinished appearance.

Shopping for counters is easier if you break it down into these three choices. Look at some examples to get a better idea of what you like.