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Wary Of Summer Crowds? Host Safe Entertainment In Your Backyard

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Are you concerned with the safety and health of your family and friends during the global coronavirus pandemic? As summer approaches and crowds seek entertainment and parties, many Americans continue to be wary of public spaces and crowded venues. So, why not turn your own backyard into a safe haven of fun and frivolity? Here are the three key things you'll need.

1. Outdoor Grill

Grilling in summer is an American tradition. And with COVID-19 concerns, it's an important part of keeping your guests safe. Outdoor dining reduces the exposure of everyone due to the helpful presence of breezes and the absence of recirculated air.

If you've wanted to boost your outdoor grill center, this is the time to invest in it. Go beyond the basic mobile grill to create a place you'll love to cook and dine. Install countertops to work on, a good lighting system so you can grill at all times of the day, a sink for cleanup, and a refrigerator to prevent trips back into the house. 

For help with outdoor grill installation, contact a company like The Fire Place.

2. Mobile Furnishings

When setting up your outdoor entertainment area, avoid heavy, bulky, or permanent furnishings. To keep you and your guests safe, social distancing should still be the norm. In the backyard, you can encourage social distancing by opting for chairs, lounges, tables, and love seats that can roll or slide easily.

Based on each particular event's guest list, pre-arrange the furniture to promote a larger spread between people. Then, place natural and organic barriers — such as a large table that separates the grill master and guests receiving their food or a potted plant between two chairs — in between components to discourage people from moving things again. 

3. Outdoor Activities

Just because you cooked outside and offer outdoor seating doesn't mean that guests won't be tempted to wander back inside and forget proper social distancing if they're bored. So make the outdoors the best place to be.

Look for ways to incorporate activities everyone will enjoy. This could be as elaborate as a backyard pool or it might be as simple as installing a fire pit for people to enjoy a relaxing evening after the cookout. Outdoor movie night also could be the perfect way to encourage people to enjoy time together without much physical contact. Whatever your circle of friends enjoys, take it outdoors for safety and fun. 

If you beef up your outdoor entertainment center, everyone can have more relaxing and safer summer times together. And that will take the stress of you and help everyone keep their sanity during this difficult year.