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2 Effective Ways to Eliminate Mice

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Whether you have a couple of mice in your home or a full-blown infestation, it's important to take quick action to get rid of the pests, and you may need the help of a mice extermination service. Mice multiply fast, so you don't want to waste time trying to battle mice when your methods aren't effective. During that time, mice can spread germs and parasites around your home and cause destruction. Here are two ways to eliminate mice in your home.

1. Mouse Traps

The tried and true mouse trap is one of the best ways to eliminate mice inside your home. More aggressive methods, such as fumigation, are best for outbuildings where humans and pets won't contact the fumes. When battling mice indoors, you have to take the safety of your family and pets into consideration. Also, you want to avoid dead mice in your home that give off foul odors. Trapping mice and killing them or trapping them alive and removing them are effective options. There are a variety of traps to consider using such as glue traps, snap traps, live traps, and electric traps.

The exterminator may supply the traps, and set and empty them for you. If you have to deal with the traps yourself, choose traps that fit in your budget and work best for you. Snap traps are cheap, but you have to look at the mice when you throw them out or remove them. Electric traps are humane, but they are expensive. Live traps are effective, but you have to figure out what to do with the mice once they're caught.

Besides choosing the right traps, you also have to know the best bait to use and the right way to place the traps so you can catch as many as possible before the mice start avoiding the traps. You may need an exterminator's help and advice on how to use your traps effectively.

2. Bait Stations

When you hire a mice extermination service, the exterminator assesses the situation and decides on the right approach. Things to consider are the presence of indoor or outdoor pets and whether you have young kids who might bother the traps or stations. Bait stations can be an effective way to deal with mice as the mice enter the station and eat poison bait, but that leaves the problem of dealing with dead mice. Bait might be an effective way to deal with mice outdoors while using traps inside.

Baits and traps eliminate mice you already have, but they don't keep new mice from moving in. One of the services your exterminator may offer is sealing your home. By blocking entry points with wire mesh, mice won't be able to get inside. Sealing your home along with cutting off food and water access works to prevent a problem with mice in the future.