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Ways You Can Use Mason Jars As Decor In Your Home

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If you are looking for some fun accent pieces to decorate your home with, you might want to give mason jars a try. Those not familiar with mason jar home decor might not understand what they can do with them. To help you have a better idea of how you might be able to incorporate the mason jars into your home decor, you will want to make sure that you are checking out the following tips:

Use As Wall Planters

Give your mason jars a thorough scrubbing and make sure that they are fully dried. Once they are cleaned you will want to fill them with healthy organic soil and pot your favorite small plants. You can then attach your mason jars to the wall with heavy-duty brackets. Keep the jars upright or slant them a little for a more unique look. If you intend on slanting the mason jars so they lean a little, you might want to consider using plants that hang down for optimal effect.

Use Them As Table Centerpieces

You can make the mason jars into lovely table centerpieces in no time at all. You can leave the glass clean and clear or paint them depending on the look you are going for. Fill with small decorative rocks or glass gems and then stick a few small artificial flowers in each one. You could also use them as holders for floating candles if you want to have a sweet candlelit dinner. Just fill the mason jars up halfway and then place one floating candle in each.

Use Them As Unique Canisters

If you like the idea of having canisters of tea bags, coffee grounds, flour, or sugar on your kitchen counters but don't like the large bulky ones you are finding in the store, you can make your own using mason jars. Clean and dry the mason jars to ensure that paint will adhere to the glass without a problem. Paint the jars any color that matches your kitchen theme and then let dry. You might want to paint a second coat or, if the first coat covered the jars evenly, you can move on to painting on the labels. In another color of paint, write the name for whatever you intend to store in that particular mason jar canister.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can use mason jars as accent pieces in your home.