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Pest Control Products To Buy At Your Hardware Store

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When you begin to notice signs of pests causing problems in your yard, you generally have two options. One solution is to contact a pest control service, while an alternate plan is to address the issue yourself. If you have the latter mentality, you'll need a handful of products to fight back against the pests that are causing problems. A good place to visit is a hardware store in your community, as it carries a number of pest control products that can come in handy for homeowners. Here are some products that you may need to buy to solve your pest problem.

Live Trap

There are scenarios in which you don't want to kill the pests that are in your yard. If you have this mindset, a live trap is a product that you'll need to buy. Live traps come in many different sizes and a few styles, but they're all essentially cages that will trap a pest without causing it harm. Live traps are useful for small pests such as squirrels, large pests such as raccoons, and many other critters in between. You'll put bait in the trap, wait until the pest goes inside, and then take the trap to a forest or park near you so that you can release the animal.

Owl Scarecrow

Another good pest control product that you can find at most hardware stores is an owl scarecrow — a plastic owl that you can hang from a tree, place on your deck railing, or mount in many other places in your yard. An owl is a predator to a number of common pests, including small rodents such as mice and squirrels. The presence of this scarecrow can often be useful in discouraging small pests to spend time in your yard, as they're tricked into believing that the owl scarecrow may be an actual owl.

Pest Sprinkler

Skunks and other pests can sometimes dig in your lawn overnight, making it a mess by morning. If you're facing this issue, one pest control product to buy at your hardware store is a pest sprinkler. This is another non-lethal solution. You connect it to your garden hose and install it in the center of your lawn. This device has a motion sensor, and when it detects movement around it, it sprays a stream of water. The result should be that skunks and other pests decide to avoid your lawn in the future.