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The Septic Tank Maintenance and Inspection Guide to Save Your Plumbing From Damage

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If you want to avoid problems with your septic system, you want to make sure that maintenance is done regularly. The right maintenance and regular inspections will prevent plumbing failures that can cause damage to your home. The following septic system maintenance and inspection guide will help you prevent damage to household plumbing:

Pumping the Septic Tank

The first septic maintenance that needs to be done is pumping the tank when it becomes full of sludge or solids. This can happen due to normal use and may require pumping every few years. You may also need to have the tank pumped if solids have found their way into the system or if there are other problems. The pumping is the most important septic tank maintenance and may need to be done more frequently for higher use or undersized tanks.

Inspecting the Interior Tank Components

The modern septic tank you have installed has several components that can wear over time. These components include things like the baffles inside the tank, which can deteriorate and cause problems. Therefore, the condition of the interior of your septic tank must be inspected while doing maintenance. If you have a concrete tank, you may want to have a liner installed to upgrade it and prevent the deterioration of components.

Checking All Septic Tank Inlets and Outlets

There are also plumbing connections to your septic tank that can fail and might need repairs. Therefore, the inlets, outlets, and other plumbing connections to the tank need to all be inspected to ensure they are not damaged. If there are signs of deterioration, inlets and outlets may need to be replaced. Replacing these connections when they start to wear can prevent failures that cause problems with your septic system.

Inspecting Distribution to the Septic Drain Field

The distribution of your septic system drain field is also important. With many modern septic tanks, this may be a specially designed system that delivers the effluent to the drain field. These components can include pump tanks and distribution boxes. Make sure that these areas of your septic system are inspected while having the tank pumped and other maintenance done to your system. If your system has poor distribution, a pump tank or distribution box may be needed to ensure the system is working properly.

The maintenance you have done to your septic system should include a complete inspection to ensure everything is working. Contact a septic tank maintenance service for help taking care of these maintenance issues. Visit a site like for more information.