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Popular Types Of Bamboo You'll See At A Nursery

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If you would like to grow bamboo in your yard or garden, then you should visit a bamboo nursery. Generally, these nurseries grow many different types of bamboo, and they also sell it in various sizes or life stages. Which type of bamboo should you choose? Well, that mostly depends on your goals and what you want your garden to look like. Here are some of the most popular types of bamboo to look for when you visit the nursery.

Umbrella Bamboo

Umbrella bamboo is a shorter bamboo variety. Still, it will grow taller than you, which means it will cast some shade over your property. It spreads less rapidly than a lot of bamboo varieties, which makes it a good choice for bamboo fences. It also works well in garden beds where you want a clump or two of bamboo, but not a whole patch of it. Umbrella bamboo thrives in partial shade and likes moist soil, and its roots do a good job of holding moisture in the soil.

Dragonhead Bamboo

Dragonhead bamboo is one of the shortest varieties and will probably finish off around the height of the average person's head. This bamboo variety likes full sun, but it will grow in partial shade, too. It likes well-drained soil and needs fertile ground to really thrive. This is a good type of bamboo to use in gardens and as an accent in your yard. Its stalks stay quite thin, so it's not your best option for bamboo fences.

Fishpole Bamboo

Fishpole bamboo is one of the tallest varieties. It has a lot of green, lush foliage, which makes it really attractive. Fishpole bamboo loves full sunlight, but it will grow, albeit a bit shorter, in some shade. Fishpole bamboo canes are very straight and sturdy, making this a good type of bamboo to plant in areas that are prone to storm damage and wind damage.

Black Bamboo

Black bamboo is another taller variety. A key characteristic is its dark-colored canes, which are usually dark brown and sometimes close to black. This bamboo does well in well-drained soil and full sunlight. It has less foliage than a lot of types of bamboo, so it won't make the best fence unless you want one with partial visibility. However, it can look really cool in the corners of gardens.

When you visit a bamboo nursery, keep your eyes out for the varieties above. Each one has its own advantages and characteristics.