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Having Trouble Choosing A New Color For Your Home's Exterior? Here Are 3 Reasons Why White Is An Excellent Choice

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Painting your home's exterior periodically serves an important purpose. It helps keep your siding protected from water damage and pests. Painting your home also gives you a chance to switch up the exterior colors if you're unhappy with the current palette. However, picking exterior colors can be difficult, as there are nearly infinite combinations you can choose from. One way to simplify the decision is to paint your siding white, which is a popular choice that has a number of benefits. To learn three reasons why white is a great color for your home's siding, read on. 

1. White Paint Blends Well With Nearly Every Color

The best attribute of using white paint for your home's exterior is that white is a neutral color. You can match it with nearly any trim color that you desire, and it will also blend in with natural trim elements like a stone or brick facade on the outside of your home. Painting your home white also won't make your home stick out among the homes in your neighborhood—a white exterior will fit in naturally with all the rest. 

2. White Paint Helps Keep Your Home Cooler

Another benefit of painting your home white is that it helps keep your home cooler in the summer. The white pigment reflects a large amount of the sunlight that hits it, which helps stop the paint from heating up when it's exposed to direct sunlight. If your home doesn't have any insulation between the exterior and the interior, hot exterior walls can contribute a great amount of heat to the air inside your home. Painting your home white will limit the heat gain, making your home easier to keep cool and comfortable in the summer.

3. White Paint Doesn't Fade in Sunlight

The pigments used to give paint its color will degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun, causing them to fade. Modern exterior paint contains ultraviolet inhibitors that slow the process down, but it can still be noticeable with dark-colored paints. If you have an area on your home's exterior that receives regular shade, it won't fade as fast as the rest, and the difference in color between that area and the adjacent areas in direct sunlight can stick out. If you paint your home white, you can avoid this problem entirely — since it's already so light, any fading due to ultraviolet light is nearly impossible to notice.

If you're having trouble deciding what color to paint your home, white is always a good choice. It gives you a lot of freedom on what colors you can choose to paint the trim of your home (like your window frames and gutters), and it also helps keep your home cooler. When you're ready to paint your home's exterior, call a residential property painting service in your area. They'll bring color swatches to your home that can allow you to pick the best trim color and shade of white that you think would best fit the character of your home.

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