Your Home is a Canvas and Not a Finished Painting

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Five Tips For Choosing New Bathroom Tile

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Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best things you can do to improve the resell value of your home. In fact, a good bathroom remodel can return up to 64 percent of the money you spend when it comes time to sell your home. One of the most important elements of any new bathroom is choosing the tile. Leaving dated tile in place can quickly turn a spectacular remodeled bathroom into a ho-hum bathroom. Read More»

4 Tips To Grow Your Business

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Every business owner wants more customers, but not everyone knows how to find those customers. Here are four tips to help you find customers and grow your business: 1. Get creative with business cards. Business cards are easy to ignore. If you give someone a typical business card, it’s likely to get lost in their wallet or pocket. Lots of people just throw away business cards. Catch their attention by doing something different. Read More»

How To Design An Eclectic Kitchen

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Have you had a hard time deciding what kind of a kitchen you want? Perhaps you love decor that has parts of an elegant look, a country look, an old-fashioned look, and maybe a Mexican feeling to it. If that pretty much sums up the thoughts you’ve had when it comes to decorating your kitchen, you more than likely would love an eclectic feeling in that room that is probably the gathering place for your friends and family member. Read More»

4 Ways To Use Daily Floral Delivery In Your Hospital

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When it comes to caring for patients, it’s sometimes the small touches that make a difference. One option you can use to make the patient experience better is by having fresh flowers delivered every day. If you haven’t considered this idea before, here are a few ways to put floral delivery to work in your hospital. 1. New Mom Deliveries Hospitals are always looking for ways to set their labor and delivery services apart from the rest. Read More»

How To Improve Your Ducting Efficiency

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Central HVAC systems rely heavily on duct efficiency. An airtight duct is going to enable air to travel more freely throughout your house. The quicker the air gets to your air registers, the easier it will be to heat and cool your spaces. Obviously, if the ducts are not airtight, much of the heated or cooled air will be lost and wasted. Working on Your Ducting The majority of your ducting is probably inside the walls where it cannot be easily accessed or serviced. Read More»

What Is The Difference Between A Park Model And A Traditional RV?

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You may have been considering buying a trailer or recreational vehicle for summer use at camp or for traveling around the country. You may have heard of a park model RV and wondered if maybe that was a better choice as they seem to have more of the comforts of home than traditional RVs tend to. What is the difference between a park model RV and a traditional RV? There are a few to think about. Read More»

Your Spring Lawn Care To-Do List

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Too many people take their grass for granted. They simply expect it to bounce back each spring, green and lush as ever. However, healthy grass doesn’t come without a bit of work. With some basic maintenance each year, you can avoid problems with grass that starts to look matted, tired, or faded as the years pass. Here are some simple spring tasks that can help your grass get a head start into this year’s growing season. Read More»

3 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking Over Wood Decking

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Are you wanting to build a deck or a patio in your backyard this summer? Have you been looking over deck plans to find one that will suit your needs or that can be adapted to fit your home? Having a deck can be a great extension of your house, acting almost like an extra room. However, there is more to building a deck than simply finding plans that you like. Read More»